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School Exchange / Twinning Programme

Updated: May 1, 2020

Take learning outside of the classroom, and put students’ practical skills to the test on an international exchange trip. Spending time in a foreign country, interacting with local students is the best way to see dramatic improvements in overseas learning.

gteEDUTOUR offers destinations with popular countries in ASEAN, ASIA, AUSTRALASIA, EUROPE & USA for school exchange and twinning programmes

Students are paired with a host family, and are encouraged to use the language to promote development of interpersonal skills, prepare students for a global environment, and develop global awareness, cross-culture skills. Students will have the opportunity to understand the rich cultural heritage of these locations and explore international cities with diverse populations, establish network and build friendship across borders and cultures. Such as a culture and language trip to China will expose students to the language in a way that they cannot get in the classroom, help them improve their pronunciation and confidence, encourage them to step outside their comfort zone, to deepen students’ rootedness to their country.

Be amazed at the culture, history, local food, the infrastructure of the country.

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