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Choir & Band Performance

Updated: May 1, 2020

School music tours are the perfect opportunity to provide exposure while also adding a unique experience to your school’s programme. Whether you’re looking for educational music tours in Asia or school choir & band performance in worldwide, gteEDUTOUR will propose itinerary to suit your school’s needs.

Our experience is second to none when it comes to the transportation of instruments and flying entire ensembles across the globe.

From sonic arts tours to combined ensemble music tours our contacts around the world allow us to find a school that is of a similar standard to your school’s programme.

Our school music tours aim to strike a balance between workshops, performances, and cultural experiences to ensure your students can make the most of their time while on tour.

With organising over 300 successful educational tours both international and domestic, taking into account the educational goals, and logistical and financial considerations, our consultant will work with your school to plan the perfect tour that will become the highlight of your music ensemble’s year. For a customised quote, get in touch with us today!

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