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Safety and safeguarding is our top priority

The safety and wellbeing of your group is always our top priority and we never compromise on it. Our tried and tested safety management systems are backed up by punctilious internal and external auditing which is why teachers trust us to look after more than 5,000 school students each year.


When you travel with gteEDUTOUR, you know that we have taken care on every precaution possible to ensure the safety of you and your group. With our meticulous team organizing educational learning trips, we’ve literally seen it all—and have resources available to lend a hand if needed. Teachers and students can rest assured focusing on what’s most important—seeing incredible sights and having fun with each other!


Risk Assessment

We have risk assessment procedures in place with all suppliers we work with. All of the services provided by our international ground handlers have undergone extensive risk assessment evaluations and these services are consistently monitored. After the tour has been confirmed, the completed RAM (Risk Assessment form) form based on MOE requirement will be forwarded to school upon the itinerary has been finalised for evaluation. 


For every trip we ensures:

  1. All travel related risks are adequately assessed

  2. All involved parties are informed of the risks and associated preventative measures in place

  3. There are competent individuals carrying out the planning, organising, controlling, monitoring and reviewing of preventative and protective measures

  4. All legal and health and safety obligations are met

  5. Our comprehensive SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and safety management system coupled with our incident management plan ensure we are in the best position to mitigate risk and react to incidents when they occur.


24 Hours Assistance

When you are engaged with our tour in local or overseas, you will have the reassurance that our team can be contacted 24 hours a day to assist you if required.



We present comprehensive insurance coverage policy offered by local Insurance companies, such as NTUC Income (MOE appointed travel insurer), UOI, AIG and etc for your overseas experience. Whether you are purchase travel insurance from your own source or acquire from us, adequate and valid travel insurance is compulsory for all tour bookings with us and it is a condition of us accepting a booking that the group has obtained adequate and valid travel insurance for each tour.


Government Travel Advice – Safe Travel

We continually monitor changes in local government advice for travel to destinations that we organise student travel to.

Monitoring this advice is part of our Safety Management System.
Before you travel we also advise that you do your own research and keep a track on government advice on the country you are traveling to. We do encourage all participants to eRegister in individual or group with MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) for travelling to overseas as a safety precaution.


Inspection Trips

We offer teachers to risk assess a destination first hand, this is an investment on both our part and our ground handlers part. We understand that for some destinations and in particular those that are more far flung it is the ideal way to gain first-hand knowledge of what a destination can offer your students. Such recce trip can let teacher familiar with the places and determine the suitability of visit in order to maximise the learning objective of each trip.


Safety & Experience

Safety is our priority, backed by our global presence & our team's 10+ years of experience.

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