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1. Concept to Plan

Before meeting with our tour consultant, we suggest you have these things in mind:

  1. Where do you plan to go? date?  duration & tour purpose?

  2. Is the date flexible? A day or two's difference can result in a better price.

  3. How many participants, what type of accomodation? any meal restriction? Do you need a tour manager & local transport?

  4. What is the tour budget?

4. Booking Your Tour

Once your tour is approved and you are happy with your proposed itinerary and quote. You tour consultant will begin making the necessary early bookings. He/She will become your main point of contact throughout the rest of the organisational process, and will provide regular updates as bookings firm up.


A few things that will be required from you over the next few weeks/months depending on how soon the date of departure.

  • Collecting copies of passports photo page for every person travelling on the tour, including staff

  • Ensuring that any students travelling on international passports have the necessary visas

  • Providing name list and  rooming lists dictating which students will be rooming together

  • To acquire travel insurance in accordance to the guidelines of MOE

  • To confirm SG tour manager and local tour guide based on your requirement

  • Organising the group’s transport to the airport on the day of departure (If included)

  • Notifying us of any special meal request, dietary requirements or medical concerns

  • To assist on Visa application for participant who may need Visa for entering the country

  • To prepare other requirements that your tour has mentioned, E.g. Banner / student booklet and printing, SIM card / Wifi router, 1st aid kit, tour T-shirt & etc

  • Music tours will need to provide an instrument list and it’s value in advance to purchase the insurance

  • We will proceed for deposit collection upon tour is confirmed because we need to make payment to secure the bookings from Airlines, Hotels, transport company and other land bookings.

  • Parents briefing - Our tour consultant will organise an information briefing for parents, students and teachers, and will rely on you to advertise the tour and get everyone excited! Families will be able to ask the specialist any questions they may have.

2. Building Your Itinerary

Once we have worked out the basics with you, we will begin collaborating on your itinerary. Things we will work on with you are:

  1. The area or areas to visit within your chosen destination

  2. Sightseeing activities

  3. How many fixtures, performances, workshops or coaching sessions to include

  4. The feasibility for places of visit

  5. Costing the tour 

5. Departure and On Tour 

Tour without SG tour manager : Shortly before departure, your tour consultant will book in a meeting with you to hand over the Tour Manuals (normally to be given on parent briefing day), luggage tag and answer any last minute questions. The Tour Manual (Booklet) will have all the information and resources you need to see the tour through to a successful conclusion.


If tour requests a representative to send off the group on day of departure, the representative will meet the group at gathering point to distribute the luggage tag, give short comment and last minute reminder to ensure a seamless departure.


Tour with SG tour manager : The tour manager will meet the group at the gathering point, e.g. Airport check in counter, school, ferry terminal or coach pick up location on day of departure to distribute the luggage tag, self –introduction, provide short briefing and any reminder before the tour begin. He/she will handle all logistics during the tour, while pastoral care of the students will be the responsibility of the staff.


We recommend that everyone on the tour wear their tour t-shirt (if applicable) or school t-shirt on day of departure for easy identification.

3. Getting Tour Approval

Before your booking can go ahead, you will need to secure the support of your school’s Board of Trustees, senior management, or club committee, in accordance with your school’s approval process.
We will provide any necessary supporting paperwork [including RAM(Risk Assessment Management)] and confirm the available of bookings, including flight ticket, accommodation, specific visit & etc to streamline this process.

6. Tour Has Returned

We are committed to providing the very best quality and personal service, and in order to ensure we meet this standard, we need your feedback. We will hand over to you the feedback forms, feel free to provide any feedback and comment for our reference and improvement. We greatly appreciate your help in getting these filled out.
Balance payment will be billed and collected.

We will assist on insurance claim matters if any incident occurred during the tour.

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