Our Fleet

We provide transport booking services within Singapore and across the border to Malaysia.


A mix of unique features like world-class safety and superior styling, making it a vehicle for all purposes.


It is one of the most stylish and classy cars with high-class performance promising a pleasurable drive.


A favourite business-worthy transport, the Alphard seats 7 luxuriously with dual power sliding doors paired with a reasonable amount of boot space.
Make a huge statement with the bold looks and enhanced cabin space.


This is the answer when regular, car-based station wagon is just not big enough. This MPV is at home in a variety of business and leisure roles.

The strong, modern exterior is complemented by comfortable, convenient and spacious interior.


Our minivan is for a great people move around with comfortable up to 15 passengers.

Our range of minivan:

  • 10 seaters

  • 12 seaters

  • 14 seaters

  • 16 seaters


Whether the bus charter if for your company or personal use. We offer a comprehensive range of full-size buses to choose from.

Our range of bus:

  • 30 seaters

  • 40 seaters

  • 45 seaters

  • 49 seaters

Mercedes Benz

Built to meet the highest requirements: the BMW 5 Series Sedan, with its dynamic proportions and modern shape, is impressive at first glance.

This look is consistently implemented from the front, over the striking silhouette, to the rear. 

Please note:
Vehicles shown are examples and non-guaranteed. Specific makes/models/Colours within a car class may vary in availability and features.
For vehicles with 3rd rows, luggage capacity will vary when 3rd row is upright and/or folded down.


Redefine your travel experience with gteTRANSPORT!


We provide transport booking services within Singapore and across the border to Malaysia.


Ride with gteTRANSPORT, your reliable private hire car-hailing service with affordable rate.


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